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Annual Output Of 500,000 Tons Pulp Recycled Fiber Machine

Date: 2023-06-07


A complete set of recycled fiber pulping equipment with an annual output of 500,000 tons” is a high-efficiency and energy-saving pulping project independently developed by Zhengzhou Leizhan Machinery in response to the national double-carbon strategy. This project is mainly used in the pre-production section of the production of high-grade packaging paper

Pulp Recycled Fiber Machine Details

1.Adopt the developed ZG4250 drum pulper, energy-saving coarse screen with bump rotor and spoiler screen drum, etc. to process regenerated fibers through crushing, slag removal, screening and other sections
2.the overall pulp line uses jet technology, which has the advantages of short process, reduced floor space, and investment saving
3.The recycled fiber pulping has the advantages of lower energy consumption, more advanced technology, lower fiber loss rate and higher removal rate of stickies, etc.

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