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Waste Paper Recycling Machinery Cost

Waste paper is also divided into different types, such as waste carton, waste coardboard, waste newspaper, etc. For different raw materials, we all have corresponding waste paper recycling machinery with attractive cost for paper mill.

Waste Paper Recycling Machinery Cost & Details

1. Waste carton/cardboard paper recycling machine.
2. OCC paper pulping line, LOCC paper recycling equipment
3. JOCC, AOCC paper recycling machinery
4. Waste newspaper recycling line machine
5. Advantages: save energy, improve efficiency, get more accept pulp, reduce fiber loss, etc.
6. Cost: great price, cost-effective, lower than others

Our waste paper recycling machinery with less cost can be used for kraft paper mill, tissue paper mill, corrugated fluting paper production line. For details and quotation, welcome to contact us at any time.

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