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As a leading manufacturer, D type hydrapulper features high quality and energy-saving paper pulping. The waste paper pulping machine D type hydrapulper can crush various pulp board, waste paper,  such as OCC, AOCC, etc. The pulp machine D type hydrapulper can be applied  in a variety of paper mill projects, such as kraft paper, corrugated paper, etc.

Pulp Machine D Type Hydrapulper Overview

1. Suitable for material: pulp board, waste paper
2. Consistency: 3-5%
3. 15 models to meet your needs.
4. Adopt new type energy-saving VOKES rotor to strengthen hydraulic circulation and fiber relief.
5. Reduce pulping time, improve production efficiency.

For paper mill, our pulp machine D type hydrapulper can be applied in various paper production lines, such as kraft paper and corrugated paper projects. Additionally, we also provide complete pulping equipment for paper mills.

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