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Waste Paper Drum Pulper For Paper Mill

Drum pulper is modified design based on similar foreign products. It is divided into feeding, pulping and screening three regions. This structure integrates pulping and screening as a whole body. It can achieve
continuous pulping under high consistency and at the same time it sieves the coarse impurity with the disposal consistency of 14%~18%. With low energy consumption and minimal fiber damage advantages.

The Main Specification of Drum Pulper

Type                                  ZG2500    ZG2750      ZG3000     ZG3250      ZG3500
Drum Diameter(mm)            Φ2500      Φ2750        Φ3000       Φ3250      Φ3500
Production Capacity(t/d)      70-120    140-200      200-300    240-400   400-600
Working Consistency(%)            14-18
Motor Power(kw)              132-160     160-200      280-315     315-400     560-300

Drum Pulper, a new cylinder continuous pulping equipment. We can promise you long service life, energy-saving advantages, high quality products and perfect pre-sale and after-sale service.

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