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Waste Carton Pulping Line Machine

Leizhan company supplies a complete set of waste carton pulping line machine for 100tpd testliner board paper. The top layer uses commercial wood pulp as raw material, and the output is 30t/d. The bottom layer uses LOCC as raw material, and the production is 100t/d. More information about the machine is given below.

Top Layer Pulping Machine

D Typr Hydrapulper: 5m3,Ø16mm,C=3~5%
High Density Cleaner: Q=1800~2600l/min, C=3~5%, P= 0.2~0.5MPa
Low Density Cleaner: 800 l/min C=0.2~0.5%
Conical Refiner: Ø350mm,C=3~5%
Double Disc Refiner: Ø450mm,C=3~5%

Bottom Layer Pulping Machine

D Type Hydrapulper:15m3 C=3~5%
High Density Cleaner:Q=3000~4500l/min, C=3~5%, P= 0.2~0.5MPa
Mid Consistency Pressure Screen: A=0.9m2 h=2.4mm, C=3~4%
Reject Separator: Ø380mm C=1~2% 4mm
Low Density Cleaner: Ø600ml/min,C=1.2%
Fine Screen: A=0.6m2 S=0.22mm C=1.2%
Inflow Pressue Screen:A=0.6m2 C=0.4% s=0.35mm

Many customers who want to start paper production have ordered our full set waste carton pulping line machine. Technicians always provide the most suitable machine design solutions for customers’ raw material and production needs. Feel free to send us an email.



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