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Setting Up Carton Recycling Plant Machine

As a professional manufacturer of pulping equipment, Leizhan company provide hot-selling carton recycling and pulping equipment, which has the advantages of high efficiency and good effect. These carton recycling plant equipment can be applied in kraft/corrugated/cultural/tissue paper production line.

Carton Recycling And Pulping Details

1. Project: packaging paper making line, waste carton recycling and pulping line.
2. Production capacity: design according to your need
3. Carton recycling process(overview)
Chain conveyor → D type hydrapulper → High density cleaner → Inclined screen → 1st mid consistency coarse screen → Fiber separator → Reject separator Mid-density cleaner → Fractionating screen → Long fiber 1st low density cleaner → Long fiber 2nd low density cleaner → Long fiber 3rd low density cleaner → 1st stage Mid-density pressure screen → 2nd stage Mid-density pressure screen → Inclined screen → Double disc refiner → Inclined screen → Underlayer pressure screen → Inclined screen → Toplayer pressure screen before paper machine

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