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Set Up Cardboard Paper Recycling Plant

Setting up a cardboard paper recycling production line involves using various machines and equipment to efficiently process the collected cardboard waste into recycled material. The following is an overview of the major machines commonly applied in cardboard paper recycling lines:

Cardboard Paper Recycling Details

1. Production capacity: design accordint you your need
2. Cardboard paper recycling overview
Chain conveyor – D type hydrapulper – pulp pump – high density cleaner – inclined screen – pulp chest – pulp pump – frist stage mid consistency coarse screen – pulp chest(agitator) – fiber separator – reject separator – pulp chest(agitator) – pulp pump – middle density cleaner – lip screen – white water tank(agitator) – long fiber first stage pulp pump for cleaner – long fiber second stage pulp pump for cleaner – long fiber first stage low density cleaner – long fiber third stage pulp pump for cleaner – long fiber second stage low density cleaner – first stage fine screen – pulp chest(agitator) – pulp pump – second stage fine screen – inclined screen – pulp chest(agitator) – pulp pump – double disc refiner – inclined screen – pulp chest(agitator) – bottomlayer pulp pump – white water pump – underlayer pressure screen before paper machine.
3. Advantages
Save energy, improve efficiency, reduce cost, simplify process, get better profits.

Leizhan company has specialized in the pulp and paper industry for over 40 years. We have always provided quality products and services to customers. Our professionals can also provide technical expertise when you encounter problems during the pulp or paper making process. Welcome to contact us for more details about setting up cardboard paper recycling project.

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