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Repair Measures About Pressure Screen

The pressure screen is a pulping equipment and belongs to the category of pulping system machine. In the application process of pressure screen, scale is caused by factors such as process water, calcium and magnesium hardness, PH value, conductivity, total alkalinity, temperature, etc. Therefore, the maintenance measures need to be taken.

Main Faults

1. Increase the number of unplanned downtimes, resulting in production interruptions, which affect the production efficiency of unit. Halt the machine to clean, increased maintenance costs and additional labor load;

2. Cause paper damaged and affect product quality;

3. Increase energy consumption loss;

4. Increase chemical consumption and pollution load;

5. Cause production accidents and reduce equipment service life.

Repair Measures

The traditional repair measures include shutdown chemical cleaning, shutdown high pressure water cleaning, addition of scale inhibitor, manual mechanical cleaning, shutdown removal and replacement, etc., but it is time consuming and laborious, and the repair effect is not ideal. Therefore, advanced maintenance methods are often solved by using an electronic descaler.

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