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Recycled Waste Paper Pulping Line

Customers from all over the world bought our recycled waste paper pulp manufacture line equipment, which help them get great very good benefits. The recycled waste paper pulp manufacture line equipment from our company has excellent effect, which can greatly improve the process efficiency of paper manufacturing line.

Waste Paper Pulping Line Overview

Fisrtly, waste paper is conveyed into D type hydrapulper for pulping.
Secondly, high density cleaner will be applied for removing staples, stones, glassed from the pulp.
Then, screening system equipments like middle consistency coarse screen, reject separator, middle consistency fine screen will be applied for coarse and fine screening of the pulp.
What’s more, pulp refining machine double disc refiner will be applied for pulp refining.
Lastly, the pulp will be conveyed into inflow pressure screen berfore paper machine for fine screening. After that, the pulp is conveyed into headbox for paper making.
What’s more, pulp equipments like pulp pump, agitator are applied in the recycled waste paper pulping manufacturer line.

Leizhan is a professional manufacturer of recycled waste paper pulping equipment, if you are interested in recycled waste paper pulping machine, please free to email us.
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