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Ragger And Rope Cutter In Paper Pulping

In order to meet the needs of paper mills, our company provides pulping equipment ragger and rope cutter, compared with equipment from other suppliers, our ragger and rope cutter has many advantages, such as energy saving, investment reduction, etc. Customers say that our company’s pulping equipment ragger and rope cutter really makes more profits than before.

Ragger And Rope Cutter Introduction

1. Ragger
It can remove various twisted impurities in the solution, such as iron wire, rope, plastic, cotton thread, etc.
2. Grapple
We have two types of traps. One is applied to pull large impurities from the sedimentation tank. The other captures a large amount of light impurities directly from the pulper barrel.
3. Features
It has the characteristics of high efficiency, stable operation, excellent performance and low cost.

We also have other pulping equipment such as pulper, cleaner, etc. For more details about pulping equipment ragger and rope cutter, welcome to contact us at any time.

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