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Pulping Equipment Hydrapurger On Selling

In the waste paper recycling process, the hydrapurger and trash well together could remove light and heavy impurities from hydrapurger. The hydrapurger has the advantages of large production capacity, high dirt removal efficiency and convenient installation.  Most importantly, we have complete set of stock preparation system machine for customer’s project.

Hydrapurger Brife Introduction

1. Pre-hang the anchor bolts on the equipment and transfer the whole machine to the foundation at the same time (separate lifting rings). Use the speaker to adjust the level. The horn must be strong. Leave a gap of 25-50 mm between the base and the surface of the base to allow the slurry to enter the reserved holes.
2. When setting up the motor, the user must check the parallelism of the main and passive pulleys.
3. After the equipment location base, level, anchor bolts, pad corners, etc. meet the requirements, pour concrete into the reserved bolt holes.

We have already focused on pulp and paper industry over 40 years. If you have any problem about our machine, or want to know more details about installing pulping equipment hydrapurger, feel free to contact us at any time.
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