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Pulp Conical Refiner VS Double Disc Refiner

Conical Refiner and Double Disc Refiner both are pulp refiner equipment for continuous pulping, there are some comparison between them in paper pulping process.

Conical Refiner Equipment

1. It’s mainly used for fine grinding of rough pulp and pulping of waste paper, it can process waste paper pulp, cotton pulp, wood pulp, jute long fiber pulp.

2. It adopts the worm gear and worm electric cutting, easy to operate.

3. Grinding area clearance is stable, high quality of pulping.

Double Disc Refiner Equipment

1. It can be equipped with various tooth refiner plate. Suitable various raw materials like wood pulp, chemimechanical pulp, chemical pulp and waste paper pulp.

2. Double grinding zone, high pulp efficiency.

3. It has high versatility, easy maintenance.


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