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Paper Pulp Reject Separator Equipment

Paper Pulp Reject Separator is an ideal separator equipment for defibering and separating impurities in waste paper pulping process, it has the advantage of close operation, no water splash, continuous discharge and good treatment effect.

Paper Pulp Reject Separator Structure

Paper pulp reject separator equipment mainly consist of the upper cover, rotor, sieve plate, base, drive device and other components.

Upper Cover: The upper cover is connected to the base by the flange, and the upper cover is equipped with water spray pipe and pulp guide plate.

Rotor: The rotor is a special hollow shaft with an axially running sweeping pulp blade and a helical alternately arranged cleaning plate. Sweep blades for tapping, tearing off tailings, cleaning plate can effectively clean up the sieve plate, keep sieve plate clear.

Sieve Plate: Sieve plate is semicircular, made of stainless steel. Sieve plate with drilling, deburring, polishing and other process to achieve the technical requirement of smooth and not hanging pulp.

Base: The base is used to install the sieve plate, upper cover, rotor and other components, fine pulp through the sieve plate out of from the pulp outlet mouth of the base, the separated light impurity out of from discharge port of the base tail end.

Paper Pulp Reject Separator Maintenance

1. Regularly check the bearing lubrication, grease every half month, completely replace the grease half a year.

2. Adjust the tension of the V-belt, replace the damaged V-belt timely .

3. Regularly check the wear of sieve plate and cleaning plate, serious wear parts should be timely repaired or replaced.

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