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Paper Mill Pulp Machine Double Disc Refiner

For paper mill, we offer advanced refining equipment double disc refiner at very attractive prices. Our company’s disc refiner reduces energy consumption and investment. The double disc refiner is a continuous pulping equipment in papermaking and pulping systems.

Double Disc Refiner Details

Equipment: RF series double disc refiner
Application: mainly applied for pulping, in tissue paper mill project, or office paper production line, kraft paper project, corrugated paper making line.
Suitable for material: wood pulp, mechanical pulp, chemcial pulp, waste paper pulp, etc.
Features: save energy, have great beating effect, operate easily, less maintenance.

In the pulp and paper production lines we also offer other equipment such as pulpers, pressure screens. For information on refining equipment double disc refiner, please send us an email or leave a message.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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