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Paper Mill Production Machine Bale Breaker

Most paper mills produce paper from waste paper. In order to allow customers to gain more profits, our company provides high-quality bale breaker in the waste paper recycling and pulp line, which can crush and sort waste paper with high efficiency, low cost and stable operation.

Bale Breaker Details

1. In the process of crushing and sorting waste paper, loose waste paper can be discharged from the paper discharge port to highlight some large debris.
2. After the bale breaker operation, the mode of entering the hydrapulper is changed from the whole bundle or bundle feeding mode to the continuous and uniform feeding of loose waste paper. Save energy, stabilize the slurry consistency and improve work efficiency.
3. Reduce the impurities entering the slurry system from the source, and effectively obtain high-quality pulp. Removing impurities can reduce wear and tear on subsequent equipment.

We have specialized in the pulp and paper industry for over 45 years. If you have any questions about our bale breaker or would like more information about installing a bale breaker for your pulp project, please feel free to contact us. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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