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The paper mill headbox can be divided into four types, namely open headbox, air-cushion headbox, full-flow headbox and full-flow air-cushion combined headbox. The headbox consists of a pulp distributor (pulp distribution device), a weir pool (pulp rectifier) and a weir plate (connector). These ingredients have different functions and play a unique role in the paper mill project.

Each Part Effect

Pulp Distributor: The function of the distributor is to distribute the feed pulp evenly along the full width of the wire on the headbox weir.

Weir Pool: It is applied to provide a static pressure head that is suitable for the network speed according to the speed requirements of the paper machine, and uses the homogenization element installed in it to homogenize the pulp and create the appropriate turbulence in the pulp. in order to disperse the fiber flakes. . . Stabilize slurry and slurry flow. Ensure equal distribution of information on the web.

Weir Plate:Its function is to spray the overflow part of the feeding part at the correct position on the forming wire evenly and stably according to the speed and direction required for paper formation, so as to obtain a sheet of paper with better alignment. .

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