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Paper Mill Felt With Long Service Life

In paper mill project, we supply felt with long service life. Depend on its position of the paper machine, felt is divided of different type in paper making line. No matter what kind of paper making felt you need, we also can provide it for you.

Paper Mill Felt With Long Service Life In Paper Project

1. When the paper web is dehydrated in the vacuum box and press area, the paper felt absorbs and filters out the moisture from the paper sheet
2. In the process of web transfer and dehydration, it can smooth and modify the paper surface.
3. The paper is transferred from the wire section to the drying section through the press section, and the passive roller and cage are driven to run.

When customers need paper mill felt with long service life, they always choose us again and again. What’s more, our felt has less price than others. About how to elect it, our professional will give your answer.

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