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Paper Making Machine Dryer Section

Paper Making Machine Dryer Section is mainly used for paper dehydration in waste paper recycling process, it’s important for finished paper quality. In the paper making machine dryer section, the remaining water is evaporated by the supply of heat energy. In this case the paper web is led over dryers that are heated from the inside by means of steam. At the end of the drying process, the paper has a residual moisture of approximately 2% to 9 % depending on the grade.

Paper Machine Dryer Section Function

1. Evaporation remove the residual moisture from the wet paper web

2. Further complete the professional fiber combination and improve its strength

3. Increase the smoothness, surface sizing for some types paper machine

Paper Machine Dryer Section Requirement

1. Sufficient drying capacity

2. Banner moisture evaporates evenly

3. Stable running, reduce the paper break time, improve operating efficiency

4. Minimize energy consumption

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Paper Making Machine Dryer Section

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