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Paper Making Line Pulping Equipment

In general, papermaking consists of 3 steps. The first is the selection of raw materials, the second is pulping, and the third is papermaking (pulp into final paper). We provide pulp making equipment for paper mill.

Pulping  Line Equipment Overview

Chain Conveyor: Conveying waste paper to pulper machine
Pulper Equipment: Pulping waste paper to pulp(Drum Pulper, D type Hydrapulper, M.C Hydrapulper, H.C.Hydrapulper)
Screening Equipment:  Screening and separating the impurities in waste paper pulp, improve the quality of paper pulp and reduce the pulp and fiber loss(Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, Reject Separator, Vibrating Screen, etc)
Cleaning Equipment: Remove heavy impurities in pulp, such as scrap iron, gravel,staples, stones, glasses, etc(High Density Cleaner, Low Density Cleaner, etc)
Pulp Approaching Equipment:flow the pulp to headbox, can get more even pulp( Inflow Pressure Screen )

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