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Paper Machine Vacuum Pump Problems

Some factors will make paper machine vacuum pump energy consumption increased in paper making process, so what’s the reasons?

1. Inefficient old vacuum pump: The old vacuum pump efficiency is not high enough, new vacuum pump operation energy can save 25%. The vacuum pump update can also be completed in stages, without additional downtime.

2. Scale accumulation: Scale in the pump accumulate, will make the vacuum pump energy consumption increased 20%-30%, and even will cause the rotor in the vacuum pump lock die, this phenomenon is more frequent occurred when the water temperature is high in summer. Water treatment and descaling is very effective in the prevention of scale generation, many factories have begun to use the cooling tower for reusing sealed water, and can well control the water quality of vacuum pump, with the chemical can effectively control the scaling problem of vacuum pump.

3. Priming and large sealing water flow: In the vacuum system, a few pulp pump will have the problem of priming and large sealing flow. After the nozzle is worn, the hole will disappear, the vacuum pump can hold excessive sealing water or make priming, but the energy consumption will also increase. Similarly, the fluctuation of vacuum degree is due to the priming, which is mainly manifested in the change of motor current representation. Priming may be due to water and steam not separate in vacuum pump and other vacuum equipment, in the presence of the pre-separator, may be due to lack of separation ability and so on.


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