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Paper Machine Dryer Section Break

Paper sheet break may occurs in paper machine dryer section, so what’s the reason of paper machine dryer section break and how to solve it?

Paper Machine Dryer Section Break Reasons

1. The edge is too thin or paper sheet tightness is uneven, easy to cause dry mouth, resulting in paper sheet break.

2. Due to the different speed ratio of each group dryer cylinder, also easy to cause break.

3. For low-weight paper making, when speed is high, the paper sheet easy to produce shaking phenomenon in dryer cylinder and break.

4. Dryer felt is easily polluted by resin and paper powder, causing spots on paper and break.

5. Dryer cylinder is contaminated, doctor blade contact is not strict, there will be break.

6. The water of paper two sides is too low, easy cracking and produce breakage.

Paper Machine Dryer Section Break Solutions

1. Increase paper sheet thickness; adjust the parallelism of a set of the first leading roller and the first dryer cylinder, in order to prevent the paper sheet leaning.

2. Due to speed ratio difference, check the silicon controlled failure.

3. For the breakage of shaking produced by high speed, the large cloth roller can be closer to the dryer cylinder, or add a guiding roller to support wet paper sheet in the paper hanging area of upper and lower dryer cylinder.

4. Set up a continuous duplex cleaner in dryer section, the compressed air jet from the nozzle to the dryer felt surface, to get rid of paper powder; saturated steam, high pressure water can remove the resin, good effect.

5. Timely replace the loose doctor blade.

6. Install steam spray device and control the air permeability of large felt both sides, can regulate the moisture on both sides of the paper.


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