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M.C. Pressure Screen Equipment

M.C. Pressure Screen Equipment is the pulp screening equipment in paper pulping process, it has the advantage of good quality, high efficiency and long service life. Especially, M.C. Pressure Screen equipped with interlock system has the effect of increasing service life.

What’s M.C. Pressure Screen Interlock System?

The sealed water flow pressure alarm is connected with the interlock control cabinet, the control cabinet receives the sealed water pressure and flow signal, when the parameter is not met (the flow is not enough, the pressure is not enough) the control cabinet send signal to the pressure screen motor and pressure screen pulp pump motor, firstly make the pulp pump motor stop running, in 20~30 seconds make the pressure screen motor stop running. So that the operator will be able to timely find pressure screen process problems, send maintenance person to adjust and repair for the pressure screen sealing water system , to make it achieve the pressure screen normal parameters, and then start the pressure screen equipment work.

M.C. Pressure Screen Interlock System Effect

If without the interlock system, it is possible to keep the pressure screen running in the absence of sealed water. This will cause the mechanical seal to be quickly damaged, the pressure screen pulp and water leaked out, resulting in the loss of the pulp and the site mess, and even flow to the bearing part of the pressure screen and make damage to the bearing, serious impact and delay production , cause great losses to the company.


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