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Low Density Cleaner In Paper Pulping

For paper mill project, low density cleaner can be used for removing heavy impurities in paper pulping line. It can improve efficiency, reduce cost and achieve perfect effect.

Low Density Cleaner In Paper Pulping Line

1. Equipment: low density cleaner
2. Type: KH series
3. Inlet consistency: 0.3 – 1.5%
4. Role: remove heavy impurities in the paper pulping like gravel, scrap iron, dust and large ink particles.
5. Advantages: stable deslagging, long service life, less energy consumption, etc.

As a manufacturer, we adopt professional technology in low density cleaner. In paper pulping and paper production line, lots of customers also used our equipment for their paper mill project.

For price and details, welcome to send email or message. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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