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LOCC/OCC Recycling And Pulping Machine

More and more paper mill customers are purchasing our LOCC/OCC recycling and pulping equipment for their projects. This is because our machines have the advantages of low cost, low maintenance, high efficiency, stable operation and increase your profits. After receiveing our solution and putting into use, our machine gave customers a lot of help.

Recycling And Pulping Machine Details

1. Basic information
Raw material: OCC, LOCC
Paper project: kraft/corrugated/cultural/tissue paper production line
Production capacity: small, medium or large yield
2. Whole paper pulping equipment
Chain conveyor
D type hydrapulper
High density cleaner
Inclined screen
Mid consistency coarse screen
Reject separator
Mid density cleaner
Mid consistency fine screen
Inclined screen
Double disc refiner
Pre-machine inflow pressure screen

Based on your production needs, our engineers will design the LOCC/OCC recycling and pulping equipment for your project. Welcome to contact us through the following methods. Please send us your requirement and email id. Or email us directly: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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