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Impurities Cleaner Equipment For Pulp And Paper Making

The impurities cleaner plays an important role in the paper production line. But where are the high density cleaner and low density cleaner? What are the numbers of the low density cleaner and the high density cleaner in the actual pulp and paper making?

Impurities Cleaner Equipment Specification

Impurities cleaner machine using position

The high density cleaner is applied to remove large and heavy impurities after the paper-making hydrapulper (drum pulper, D type hydrapulper, etc.); the low-density cleaner is installed behind the coarse screen system to remove gravel, heavy impurities such as iron filings, dust and large ink particles.

How to judge the number of impurities cleaner equipment ?

First of all, it depends on the production capacity of the paper mill, and second, the requirements of the paper mill and the market’s demand for paper.

About this impurities cleaner equipment for pulp and paper making, it has high efficiency, stable running, energy-saving effect. After its installation, customers got perfect benefits.

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