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How To Improve The Quality Of Kraft Paper?

Customers want to produce kraft paper efficiently while maintaining its quality. But there are some problems in the paper making process. Therefore, our professionals have given some solutions on how to improve the quality of kraft paper. With our kraft paper production line equipment, you will not have this trouble and it can work efficiently while saving investment.

How To Improve The Quality Of Kraft Paper?

1. Find the cause: There are many aspects causing paper defects. Improper fiber ratio and beating process. Too much filler is added. The doctor blade residue is adsorbed on the paper.
2. How to fix: Correct each paper defect and its corresponding causes. If you still don’t know how to solve it, our professionals will provide you with technical support.

In the kraft paper production line, we provide a complete set of equipment to make your project run more efficiently. Due to the quality of our equipment and the professionalism of our engineers, you don’t have to worry about any problems during the paper making process. Welcome to contact us to improve the quality of kraft paper, email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com


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