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How To Clean Boiler Properly

When the boiler is operated for a long time, scale and rust problems are inevitable. These problems occur, and the heat transfer property is deteriorated due to the generation of scale, so that the boiler efficiency is lowered. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the rated evaporation amount; and owing to the heat transfer property is deteriorated, the metal is overheated, and under the action of the boiler pressure, the furnace tube is bulged or even exploded; the heat transfer property is deteriorated, so that the fuel consumption is increased and the running cost is increased so the boiler life is shortened. Therefore, after the boiler is fouled, the necessary method should be used for descaling.

Cleaning Method With Boiler

Boiler cleaning is divided into mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning. Mechanical cleaning is manual, with high pressure water gun cleaning. Chemical cleaning is acid cleaning and a qualified manufacturer is needed. In order to operate the boiler system in an optimized state, special chemical treatments must be performed on the water system of the boiler system: removal of scale, rust and corrosion protection:
1.Chemical cleaning: adding chemical cleaning agent to clean and discharge the floating rust, scale and oil in the system, and reduce it to a clean metal surface;
2.Daily maintenance: add boiler scale inhibitor, to avoid metal rust, prevent calcium and magnesium ions crystal precipitation.

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