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D Type Hydrapulper For Paper Pulping

As a manufacturer, we provide D type hydrapulper for paper pulping. It can be used in paper mill production line project. Besides, you also can choose other paper pulper machine, such as drum pulper.

D Type Hydrapulper For Paper Pulping And Paper Making

Machine: D type hydrapulper
Application: used for pulping, suitable for wood pulp, waste paper pulping, broken paper pulping, etc.
Production capacity: 30 – 1200t/d
Features: energy-saving VOKES, D type structure, auotomatic deslag device, etc.
Advantages: shorten pulping time, improve capacity, ensure the pulping effect, etc.

Depend on your production demand, you can choose the different type of D type hydrapulper for paper pulping in paper mill project. For the cost and details, welcome to email us.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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