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70TPD Kraft Paper Making Project

In order to produce kraft paper,  customers choose to adopt our 70t/d kraft paper making line machine, which has great price and high quality. In addition, our paper pulping system machine has already been adopted in many paper mill’s project.

Kraft Paper Making  Line Machine Specification

Return cloth: 1 sets
Cylindrical Press: 2 sets
Press part: 3 sets
Dryer part : 14 sets
Two Roll Calender: 1 sets
Horizontal Pneumatic Roll Machine: 1 sets
Rransmission: 7 pcs
Winder: 1 pcs

After adopting our 70t/d kraft paper making line machine, customers got excellent profits. Do you need its price or details?

Welcome to contact us: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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