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1880mm Kraft Paper Making Machine

In waste paper recycling and paper making process, we supply 1880mm kraft paper making machine and whole set of machinery for kraft paper mill. It contains paper pulping line.

Some Data Of 1880mm Kraft Paper Making Machine

Raw material: waste paper
Trimmed width: 1880mm
Paper kind: kraft paper
Production capacity: 30t/d
Basic weight: 80 – 220gsm
Paper pulping machine: chain conveyor, bale breaker, hydrapulper, cleaner, pressure screen, refiner, etc.

The technical solution can be designed by our enginner with rich experience. About the cost and specification of 1880mm kraft paper making machine, or the full paper production line for kraft paper mill, email us or mesaage with your email address and demand.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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