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120TPD Cardboard Paper Machine

120TPD cardboard paper machine trimmed width is 3200mm, basic weight is 80~300g/㎡, and the cardboard paper machine consist of headbox, wire section,
press section, dryer section and so on.

Paper kind: kraft paper, corrugated paper, cardboard paper

Trimmed width: 3200mm

Basic Weight: 80~300g/㎡

Capacity: 120t/d

Center distance: 4300mm

Working speed: 250m/min

Design Speed: 300m/min

Drive form: Alternating Converter Sectional Drive

Cardboard Paper Making Process

Headbox (Pulp distribution evenly) — Wire Section (Wet paper sheet forming) — Press Section (Wet paper dehydration) — Dryer Section (Paper sheet drying)


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