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100T/D Kraft Paper Machine Price

For kraft paper mill project, customers focus on some ways about machine, such as specification, cost, quality, etc. And we supply 100t/d kraft paper machine with attractive price and great performance.

100T/D Kraft Paper Machine Price And Main Data

1. Raw material: wood pulp, occ
2. Trimmed width: 3200 – 5800mm
3. Production capacity: 100t/d
4. Basic weigth: 80 – 220gsm
5. Working speed: more than 200m/min
6. Price: competitive, this machine can create greater value for your project.

Besides, we provide full set of waste paper pulping machine. Contact us about your requirements, you will get the 100t/d kraft paper machine price, other equipment specification, the specific proposal for your kraft paper mill project.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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