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Paper Pulping Equipment For Guangdong Paper Making Project

Leizhan provide the complete paper pulping equipment for Guangdong paper mill, recently, Leizhan deliver the drum pulper parts to Guangdong for paper making project, the drum pulper parts contains drum pulper screening part, drive part and feed hopper.

Drum Pulper Parts

Drum Pulper Screening Parts: Drum pulper sreening part is for pulp screening.

1. After drum pulper pulping part, pulp into the screening part will be washed by water spray pipe, the fine pulp pass the screen hole into the pulp chest, and impurities will be continuous elutriated, finally discharged out.

2. Drum pulper screening part is 304 stainless steel, sieve plate, liftig plate, compartment, dilution water pipe is all stainless steel.

3. The sieve plate hole diameter of drum pulper screening part is Φ12mm/ Φ11mm/ Φ9mm, it’s decided by the raw material.

Drum Pulper Drive Part: Mainly contains reducer, motor and drive base plate.

Drum Pulper Feed hopper: Material usually is Q235 group welding, but it can be made by different needs.

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Time: August, 2017

Project:Paper Pulping Equipment For Guangdong Paper Making Project


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