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Moisture Control Of Gray Cardboard Making


The moisture content of some gray board paper is controlled in the range of 7% to 12%. In the production process, it should be noted that if the surface layer and the bottom layer are inconsistent in water, the shrinkage pressure of the bottom layer of the gray paperboard layer will be inconsistent, and the cardboard will be warped.

Water Control System In Gray Cardboard Making Line

1. The water content of gray paperboard should not be too high. If the water exceeds 12%, the thickness and stiffness will be reduced within the quantitative index. Under this condition, the four important quality indicators of gray cardboard. There are three unqualified.

2. Therefore, in addition to enhancing the maintenance and management of the automatic water control system in the production process, the online automatic water control system is stable, and the quality assessment of the operators is enhanced in management, and the human factors are added to influence the water changes as much as possible. The quality of the gray board requires a one-sided pass.

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