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Complete Pulping Equipment For Guangdong Paper Mill, China

Guangdong paper mill have ordered the complete pulping equipment of Leizhan, In August, 2017, Leizhan deliver the first equipment drum pulper to Guangdong paper mill, China. Leizhan as a leading supplier of paper and pulping equipment, it always make high efficiency project and provide high quality equipment for customers.

Main Complete Pulping Equipment

Drum Pulper: It’s for paper continuous gentle pulping, low energy consumption, few quick-wear parts, low maintenance cost.

High Density Cleaner: It’s for removing heavy impurities, high quality equipped, low service life.

M.C. Pressure Screen: It’s for pulp coarse and fine screening, advanced structure, high efficient and energy-saving.

Inflow Pressure Screen: It’s used before paper machine for pulp screening, small motor power, high production capacity and energy saving.

Double Disc Refiner: It’s used for beating and improve the pulp beating degreen, high quality and high efficiency.

Customer Information

Customer: Guangdong, China

Time: August, 2017

Project: Complete Pulping Equipment For Paper Making


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