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150TPD Kraft Paper Making Project In Egypt

In August, 2017, for 150tpd kraft paper making project in Egypt, Leizhan sucessfully deliver the high quality kraft paper pulping equipment to Egypt paper mill. The paper pul;ping equipment mainly consist of inflow pressure screen, m.c. pressure screen, high-speed stock washer and so on.

Inflow Pressure Screen Equipment

1. Inflow Pressure Screen Equipment is used before paper machine for pulp screening in approaching system.

2. Small motor power, high production capacity, energy saving.

3. Automatic oil injection is imported of Korea; Automatic water injection is imported of Finland; Seal water detection alarm device is imported of Germany.

4. Screen slot of inflow pressure screen is bigger than fine screen, so that the fine pulp is more, and the motor power is small to save energy and reduce cost.

Customer Information

Customer: Egypt

Time: August, 2017

Project: 150TPD Kraft Paper Making Project In Egypt


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