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Tissue Paper Pulping Line Machine

Customers wanted to start tissue paper project and ordered our paper pulping line machine for their paper mill. From lots of manufacturers and suppliers, they said our equipment has great effect and attractive cost. Depend on our contract, we had this delivery.

Tissue Paper Pulping Line Machine Information

1. Project:tissue paper making line
2. Paper pulping line machine in this delivery
The barrel of mid consistency hydrapulper, agitator.
3. Time: Sep 10, 2021
4. Mid consistency pulper
Used for pulping wood pulp and other clean raw material.
5. Agitator
Stir pulp cyclically in chest to maintain the pulp liquid in suspending condition.

About tissue paper production line, we can supply full paper plant and paper pulping line machine for tissue paper mill. If you need price and more details, welcome to email or message us.

Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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