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Paper Mill Machinery Delivery To Russia

Under the sutiation of coronavirus epidemic, customers ordered our paper mill machinery again. On time, we still had this delivery to Russia for customer’s paper production line.

Paper Mill Machinery Delivery Details To Russia

1. Delivery time: 21th Aug, 2020
2. Shipped machine: chain conveyor, agitator, pulp pump, support accessories.
3. Customer’s feedback about this delivery: trust our professional. the delivery with high speed and safty. They said that if the paper mill would production demand in the future, they will still choose our equipment.

As a excellent manufacturer, we provide complete unit paper mill machinery that are suitable for tissue paper making, craft paper making, corrugated paper making, cultural paper making project.

More information about this delivery to Russia, or other questions for paper production line, feel free to contact us in this website. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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