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Kraft Corrugated Paper Production Line

For kraft corrugated paper production line, African customers ordered our whole paper pulp making line machine, stock preparation system. Certainly, we also provide paper machine with great cost for paper mill.

Kraft Corrugated Paper Production Line Machine Delivery

Paper making line: kraft paper corrugated paper production line
Finish paper: kraft paper, corrugated paper
Production capacity: 60t/d
Ordered machine: chain conveyor, high density cleaner, double disc refiner, inflow pressure screen, grapple, M.C. pressure screen, reject separator, agitator, pulp pump, etc.
Delivery equipment: high density cleaner, pulp pump, motor, etc.
Date: March 24, 2021

In the same energy power, our kraft corrugated paper production line can benefit mostly for pulping and output paper quality, as as to help you get better profits. Besides, this whole paper line has great total cost.

There are so many people who want to purchase our equipment again for their paper mill project. Do you want to know the effect and price? Welcome to contact us. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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