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Hydrapulper & Disc Refiner Delivery To Russia

For 360t/d T paper corrugated paper project, customers ordered our whole set of paper pulp making machine. According to our contract, we have hydrapulper & disc refiner delivery to Russia.

Hydrapulper & Disc Refiner Delivery Details To Russia

1. Delivery time: 7th and 8th Dec, 2019
2. Shipped machine: D type hydrapulper, disc refiner
3. Paper project: 360t/d T paper corrugated paper project.
4. D type hydrapulper: break pulp board, waste paper, broke paper. Shorten the pulping time and improve efficiency, save energy, etc.
5. Disc refiner for paper pulp: improve the beating degree to meet the demand of paper making.

In paper production line, more customers said our equipment were hot-sale. If you also have corrugated paper project and want to get better output and reduce investment cost, contacting us may be a good chance for your project.

More details about hydrapulper & disc refiner delivery to Russia, email or message us. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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