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Egypt 150TPD Kraft/ Corrugated/ Whiteboard Paper Production Line

Recently, Leizhan continuous delivered the complete paper pulping equipment for Egypt 150tpd kraft/ corrugated/ whiteboard paper production line. The packing paper production line needs pulp equipment for paper pulping process and paper machine for paper making process.

Kraft/ Corrugated/ Whiteboard Paper Making Process

Paper Pulping Process: Raw Material Conveying(Chain conveyor) — Paper Pulping(Drum pulper) — Pulp Cleaning(High density cleaner) — Pulp Screening(M.C. pressure screen) — Pulp Refining(Double disc refiner) — Pulp Screening Before Paper Machine(Inflow pressure screen)

Paper Making Process: Headbox(Pulp distributing) — Wire Section(Wet paper sheet forming) — Press Section(Paper sheet dehydration) — Dryer Section(Paper drying)

Project Information

Customer: Egypt

Time: September, 2017

Project: 150T/D Kraft/ Corrugated/ Whiteboard Paper Production Line


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