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Chain Conveyor For Paper Mill Project

In Russia, customers bought our chain conveyor for their paper mill production line project. This machine can be used for various paper mills, such as kraft paper mill. Here are some delivery information.

Chain Conveyor For Paper Mill Project Details

Shippment machine: chain conveyor
Delivery date: Feb 27, 2021
Application: this equipment can convey different kinds of raw material, such as pulp board, waste paper, broken paper, etc. In tissue paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper and other paper making line, you can adopt it in your paper mill.
Advantages: large capacity, less energy consumption, high efficiency, stable running, etc.

In addition to this chain conveyor, we have whole set of equipment for paper mill production line project. For total cost or other demand, welcome to contact us.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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