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400T/D Duplex Board Paper Pulp Machine Delivery

There was the 400t/d duplex board paper project in customer’s paper factory. For this, they orderd our paper pulp machine. On 23 Oct, 2020, we had this delivery to their paper mill.

400T/D Duplex Board Paper Pulp Machine Delivery Information

1. Paper project: duplex board paper making line
2. Production capacity: 400t/d
3. Delivery equipment: refiner, low density cleaner, agitator, disc thickener, srew press washer, pulp pump, and other machinery.

If you need more details about this 400t/d duplex board paper or pulp machine delivery, our professional can give you answer. Meanwhile, we are manufacturer and have the delivery to your paper mill with high speed and safty.

Send email or message for more information. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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