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150,000Ton Corrugated Paper Production Line, Shanxi, China

Paper pulping equipment and paper machine are needed for corrugated paper making, In January, 2018, for 150,000ton corrugated paper production line, Shanxi, China, Leizhan deliver the paper pulping equipment to Shanxi, China. The main equipment are reject separator, high density cleaner, m.c. pressure screen and inflow pressure screen.

Corrugated Paper Making Process

For corrugated paper making, firstly, the raw material is conveyed into pulper equipment for pulping, following is the high density cleaner equipment to remove heavy impurities in the pulp, then will into coarse and fine screening stage of m.c. pressure screen equipment, reject separator is used for fiber relief and impurities separate for taling in the coarse screen system, and after screening, pulp will be refining, finally, inflow pressure screen used before paper machine will for pulp screening, then the fine pulp will be conveyed into paper machine for corrugated paper making.

Customer Information

Customer: Shanxi Paper Mill

Time: January, 2018

Project: 150,000 Ton Corrugated Paper Production Line


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