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120T/D Corrugated Paper Production Line Machine Delivery

In Egypt, customers had 120t/d corrugated paper production line project. After visiting our company, they choosed to buy our paper pulp making machine for their paper mill. And this delivey is on-time.

120T/D Corrugated Paper Production Line Machine Delivery Details

1. Production capacity: 120t/d
2. Paper project: corrugated paper project
3. Shipped time: 15th Sep, 2019
4. Delivery equipment: D type hydrapulper, chain conveyor, rope cutter, agitator and support accessories.

In 120t/d corrugated paper production line, we have corrugated paper machine for sale. Certainly, if you have other demands for your paper mill, our engineer will also meet your requirements.

Welcome to contact us for more details about our machine or this delivery. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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