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Wood Pulp Processing Line Equipment

Wood pulp can be used to make cutural paper, A4 paper, copy paper. As an excellent manufacturer, we provide wood pulp processing line equipment for paper mill. Here are some details from 30t/d office A4 paper production project.

Wood Pulp Processing Line Equipment Information

1. Equipment list
Chain conveyor → D type hydrapulper → High density cleaner → Conical refiner → Double disc refiner → Pressure screen before paper machine
2. Suitable for paper project
A4 copy production line
Office paper making line
Cultural paper mill project
3. Advantages
Concise pulp making process. Less investment cost.
Energy-saving and perfect effect.
More accept pulp for paper making.

About wood pulp processing line, our equipment has certification with ISO, CE, etc. For paper mill, you also can adopt other raw material to produce pulp and paper, such as virgin pulp, white shavings, waste paper, etc. And our enginner can design specific paper pulp production line.

For price and details, welcome to email or message us. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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