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Pulp Screening Equipment

After separating the black liquor from the fibers in the wash section, the pulp contains coarse fibers, foreign matter and dirt, such as bark, cooking bricks, cement, etc. These impurities should be removed to produce high quality pulp, Therefore Pulp screening equipment is importantly used, coarse screening is to remove heavy impurities,and fine screening is to remove small impurities.

Screening Equipment Performance Influencing Factors

Screen hole size and shape: It decides the minimum size of particle that will be rejected, Large screen hole size, poor screening effect.Waste paper is expected to be used in hole screen and slot screen.

Pulp concentration: High concentration of pulp, more fine pulp in the coarse rejects, and straw pulp easily paste sieve plate; Low concentration of pulp,more rejects in the fine pulp, pulp layer is difficult to form in the sieve plate, rejects easy to pass through.

Retention time: Control by inlet pulp volume and discharge rate, usually the longer retention time, the more impurities in the pulp.

Water consistency: In the screening section, the water is used as a fiber conveyor. When the pulp leaves the tank, the consistency should be reduced by adding white water from previously used water or rewater.

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Pulp Screening Equipment

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