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Pulp cleaner equipment is for removing impurities in the pulp, so what should be noticed of pulp cleaning equipment to ensure pulp is fully cleaned?

Pulp Cleaner Equipment Influence Factors

1. Pressure difference between inlet and outlet: Large pressure difference, fast rotation speed, large volume of paper material, production capacity will be large of pulp cleaner equipment. As the difference increases, the centrifugal force increases and the cleaning efficiency also increases. However, as the vortex speed increases, the radius of the low pressure area also increases accordingly, while the pressure in the low pressure area decreases, which will affect the slag discharge and reduce cleaning efficiency of pulp cleaner equipment.

2. Pulp concentration: When pulp concentration is increased, impurities are difficult to separate, so cleaning efficiency will be reduced. However, when the concentration is reduced to a certain degree, cleaning efficiency does not increase significantly, while the dilution water consumption increases, the number of cleaner equipment needed increases, and the power consumption also increases.

3. Deslagging rate: The main factor affecting deslagging rate of pulp cleaner equipment is the size of the deslagging port. Large diameter, will large deslagging rate, high cleaning efficiency, but fiber loss increased; small diameter, low cleaning efficiency, and easy to plug


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