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Paper Recycling Plant Hydrapulper Equipment

We supply paper recycling plant hydrapulper equipment for paper mill project, including D type hydrapulper, H.C. hydrapulper, vertical hydrapulper, etc.

They have different role and can be used for different paper production line. While they have the common advantages of saving energy, great performance and stable operation.

Paper Recycling Plant Hydrapulper For Paper Mill Project

1. D type hydrapulper: pulp all kinds of pulp board, broke paper, waste paper, etc.
2. H.C. hydrapulper: separate waste paper and ink under high consistency in waste paper deinking process.
3. Vertical hydrapulper: break pulp board, damage paper, waste paper, etc.

Our recycling plant hydrapulper equipment can be used in kraft paper making, corrugated paper making, tissue paper making, or cultural paper production line. Until now, they have been installed in many paper mill projects.

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