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Paper Pulping Disc Thickener Equipment

Paper Pulping Disc Thickener is a advanced thickener equipment, mainly used to wash and thicken for low consistency slurry in paper making process, like mechanical wood pulp, waste paper pulp, reed pulp, bamboo pulp, Shu slurry, straw pulp and other low consistency pulp.

Paper Pulping Disc Thickener Structure

Paper Pulping Disc Thickener Equipment mainly consists of tank body, hood, large shaft, sealing device, and other parts.

Sector plate: Adopt orifice plate, sector plate is fixed to the spindle by bolts and is easy to replace

Hood device: Welded by steel plate

Spray system: The high pressure water sprayed from the spray pipe flushes out the pulp pasted on the screen surface and flushes the filter to obtain the regeneration capacity

Tank body: The tank body supports the drive device and all parts, welded by the steel plate

Paper Pulping Disc Thickener Feature

1. Compact structure, small assembly space

2. Stainless steel filter screen, corrosion resistance

3. Due to the special design of filter screen, during running can filter a lot of white water, large production capacity.

4. Disc installation and removal more convenient.

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Paper Pulping Disc Thickener Equipment

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